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I love sharing tips and tricks about websites.

My Zone of Genius is helping home professionals and other creative entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with their websites by taking care of all the techie stuff without the techie talk.

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Website Design for Home Professionals

I’m not your typical website designer.

I’m an art loving, pug obsessed website designer who wants to make the process of website design as easy and fun as possible for my clients.

I’ve had a lot of experience in the business world including working in an international art gallery, managing fundraising events for a museum and a hospital, and even owning a dog walking business. 

But why I decided to shift careers into website design is because I believe everyone should have a comfort level with their website, understand how it works, and not feel overwhelmed in the process.

I know first-hand how confusing everything about designing your own website can be.  All the options are overwhelming, trying to do it yourself is frustrating and harder than you thought, and all the tech terms are confusing. I mean, what do UX, CSS, and HTML actually mean?

My goal is to simplify it all for my clients and help them have the website of their dreams.

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Podcast Guest Robyn White
odcast Guest Bio of Robyn White
Podcast Guest Robyn White
odcast Guest Bio of Robyn White
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