Website for Jane Martinez, Psychic Medium

The Problem

Jane already had a website, but she wanted a re-design for two main reasons.  The first was that her website was hosted on Wix and she wanted to move to WordPress.  She knew that Wix was limited and she had far more options by using WordPress.  The second was that her site was outdated and dark.  She wanted it to have a different feel – light and airy – so that it would be inviting to her potential clients.

The Solution

After hiring me, the first thing I did was move Jane’s website off of Wix onto WordPress. Now her website is on the best and most robust platform out there. We chose a brand new color palette, new fonts and new images which all contribute to the new look of the website. Jane’s website is now welcoming to her visitors, has a clear call to action and is easy to navigate.

Robyn is meticulous, creative, patient, personable and pure genius!  Her work far exceeded my expectations by delivering the WOW effect I was looking for.

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