Here is a glimpse at some of my website design projects.

An important item to consider when selecting a website designer is their style. The reason this is so important is that you’ll want to determine if their style is similar to what you’re looking for. Does it look like they’ll be able to design something in the look you’re trying to achieve?

Another important consideration is the platform with which they work. I only work with WordPress because I want the best for my clients.

As you can see from my portfolio, my style is simple, clean and classic with a good amount of white space.  I like to make sure the websites I design are easy to navigate and look professional. 


Please browse my portfolio and click on the buttons to see images of the full website design.

Website design for Just the Thing Decorating

Website design
for KS Rowell

Website design for Jane Martinez, Psychic Medium

Website design for Holly Henderson Virtual Services

Website design for Breakthrough - Love Your Life

Website design for Jane Martinez, LICSW

Website design for KdP Coaching

Website design for Golden Swirl Creative

Website design for Me You and Lu

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