What’s it like to work with me? Read the praise.
Here’s what some of my clients have to say.

“Robyn did an amazing job on my website! She produced a clean design that really showcased my work, and I have already received many compliments. She is an expert at her craft. Because she communicates so well, she makes everything sound simple and achievable. She brought so much value to this project and I am very glad I did not attempt it on my own. I will happily leave the maintenance of my website in Robyn’s capable hands!”

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Robyn on my website. After a frustrating attempt to design it myself, it was such a relief to put the job in Robyn’s capable hands. She has such a simple, yet elegant and confident approach to web design. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a streamlined, organized website. Robyn knows how to make your business or product shine while also truly representing who you are in her designs.”

“Robyn was so amazing to work with! She helped me bring my website to the next level with her expert guidance. I’m so incredibly happy with how it turned out. I did a few intensives with her to create my lead magnet and I’m so excited about the result. She makes things easy to understand and is so good about explaining everything in a way that doesn’t sound like she is talking in secret web designer code words. I definitely recommend Robyn to anyone who needs to build their website or to those who have one and just need some guidance to perfect it. I can’t wait to work with Robyn again!”

“Thank you Robyn for your creativity, talent, professionalism and most of all patience through the creation of my website. You are the “whole package”! And so happy I decided to have you take care maintaining and updating my site monthly to keep me safe.”

“Robyn came to my rescue after I tried (and failed) to create my own business website.  She was extremely helpful by explaining the different steps needed to create a beautiful and functional website.  She was candid with me if she thought an idea I had wasn’t in my best interest.  She was patient when I needed it, and she gave me soft nudges when I needed it.  I truly think of Robyn at Time To Task as more than a vendor – I think of her as my business partner.  I can’t thank her enough.”

“Robyn updated the look and feel of my personal website and helped me to simplify and streamline it. She was patient and steady and kept the entire project moving forward. Most of all she kept me focused on each step in the process and never lost sight of the finish line (no easy task!). I highly recommend her services!”

“Robyn White was a delight to work with, proactive, detail oriented, thorough and superbly skilled. She clearly explained every option offered so I could make the best choices for my website that would support my business.  She coached me on the copywriting process with a clear eye to including keywords, essential to SEO. Every step of the way Robyn made what had been a difficult process in the past with other designers, comfortable and yes…enjoyable!  I am so happy with my new website. It’s beautiful, on brand and expertly SEO enabled!!!”

“Robyn is a dream to work with! She was able to design a website that was the exact esthetic I wanted, like she was able to read my mind. The process was easy, and she provided so much guidance. Her knowledge is invaluable, and she was able to advise me on the best features for my design and budget. Robyn is not just a fantastic website designer but just a wonderful person in general. If you want to work with someone who provides a personal touch with expert level skills Robyn is the girl for you!”

“Having been in the interior design business since 2002, I have had several iterations of websites over the years and have worked with several designers on those versions.  I can say unequivocally that working with Robyn White of Time to Task has been the best experience by far.  One thing I love about Robyn is her clear communication and transparent process.  Not only did she deliver the project in record time, but I was kept apprised of her progress all along the way.  I am no expert in technology, but I never felt talked down to in any way.  Any ideas I offered were considered and no question was a dumb one!  (though they probably were!)  More importantly, she helped me think through things, and offered her informed ideas and lent her considerable expertise to improving my site, versus merely being an “order taker” and doing only what I asked. I feel I have found a true partner who will help make my business better!”

“I have had the good fortune of being referred to Robyn to design a website for two of my businesses.  Robyn is meticulous, creative, patient, personable and pure genius!  Her work far exceeded my expectations by delivering the WOW effect I was looking for.  Robyn guided me every step of the way and took the time to understand my vision and turn it into a reality.  Not only is Robyn a brilliant designer, she educates clients regarding all areas of website design.  I promise that you will be thrilled with Robyn’s work!”

“Before I started working with Robyn, I was creating a DIY website. Actually, I created a few DIY websites, none of which I completed. I learned that website design should be left to the professionals. Robyn is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in all things related to web design, word press, plugins, image placement, marketing, SEO, blogging, and attracting your ideal customer. She is kind, responsive, organized, and collaborative. From our first consultation to the official launch of my website, Robyn kept me informed about the status of the website. I was never left questioning when it would be complete – she is extremely punctual! She is also very patient if you are a novice, and need help setting up the back-end of the website. If you’re a perfectionist, hire Robyn! If you’re not a perfectionist, but want a perfect website, hire Robyn! You won’t regret it!”

“As a life and executive coach the thought of having to design and create my own website was daunting to say the least. Hiring Robyn to do this for me was the best decision ever. She took the tech overwhelm away, which eliminated the stress and hours it would have taken me to do this myself. Most of all this allowed me to focus on what I love most, my clients. Robyn’s knowledge and skills are impressive. I was amazed at how quickly she got the website going and how she was able to find creative solutions to certain elements I wanted. Robyn is highly intuitive, incredibly organized and super easy to work with. She really understood what I wanted and made it happen and I’m thrilled with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Robyn again and highly recommend her to all coaches. Thank you Robyn!”

“My business has grown this year in a tangible, measurable way as a direct result of working with Robyn. She is incredibly responsive, thorough, thoughtful and organized; she is receptive to my ever-changing requests as my business evolves, and she has the patience of a saint. I trust Robyn completely to deliver on any project, which is invaluable to me as an entrepreneur.”

“Time to Task hits a business need on its head by assisting small business owners to truly expand and grow their business online without the overwhelm of having to do it themselves. Stop now if you think there are owners out there who do the same thing, because Robyn is one-of-a-kind. Her efficiency, organization, ability, and insight are unmatched. I have worked with Robyn for over a decade and cannot praise her enough. Her macro view of business needs makes her and her company extremely unique. Robyn’s knowledge, amazing attention to detail, and organization is a MUST when hiring someone for your business needs.”

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