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A little about me ...

I’m not your typical website designer.

I’m an art loving, pug obsessed website designer who wants to make the process of website design as easy and fun as possible.

Confession … I didn’t grow up with the internet. In fact, I actually went to my freshman year of college with a typewriter!

My transition to learning how to navigate the internet and becoming a strategic website designer happened through the lens of someone who doesn’t speak tech.

That’s why I know that when you work with me, I’m going to be able to help you understand what’s happening on your website without all the tech-speak. 

I’ll be there to explain things in simple, easy to understand, non-techy terms. 


The Details

Fun Facts

My core values

Integrity | Reliability | Organization | Professionalism | Availability | Collaboration

I didn’t start my career as a website designer. Websites found me later in life. 

I’ve had a lot of experience in the business world including working in an international art gallery, managing fundraising events for a museum and a hospital, and even owning a dog walking business. But why I decided to shift careers into website design is because I believe everyone should have a comfort level with their website, understand how it works, and not feel overwhelmed in the process.

I know first-hand how confusing everything about a designing your own website can be.  All the options are overwhelming, trying to do it yourself is frustrating and harder than you thought, and all the tech terms are confusing. I mean, what do UX, CSS, and HTML actually mean?

Well, I’m here to simplify it all for you and help you have the website of your dreams by following my simple and stress free process that will make it easy and fun. You can have a website that you’re proud of, that represents your personality and attracts your ideal clients.

How I Work

I love systems and having a clear process to guide my clients through is very important to me. I use a project management system called Asana to organize all website design projects. My clients are invited to their custom Asana board where we’ll keep track of deliverables and the project timeline.  

To ensure I’m providing the best service possible, I communicate regularly with my clients to stay in touch and ensure we’re meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

My business has grown this year in a tangible, measurable way as a direct result of working with Robyn. She is incredibly responsive, thorough, thoughtful and organized.

Meet Lulu, Chief Dog Officer

Photo of Lulu

Lulu the Pug hails from Montreal and exceptional lineage. Her parents, Ch. Kendoric’s Riversong Mulroney and Ch. Ivanwold Miss Destiny, were champion show dogs.

Lulu is a natural clown with a big personality. She’s a spoiled girl and considers herself a princess. 

She thinks Pugs should be plump and she’s quite proud of her squishy rolls. She works hard on her figure by eating all her meals and constantly demanding treats. She loves cuddles, belly rubs, napping, laying in the sunshine, swimming, watching football games, and playing with kids.

Lulu has perfected the art of getting everything she wants while also making time to sleep 21 hours a day! Lulu definitely sums up the pug saying multum in parvo (much in little)!

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Photo of Lulu
Photo of Robyn and Lulu

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